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Academic Support - Bridges Program

Bridges Program

Oakbrook Preparatory School believes each child is brilliantly made and encourages students to discover and cultivate their individual talents and abilities. The Bridges program aims to enhance the educational experience for all students in Kindergarten through 12th grade and assist students in reaching their full God-given potential and develop a lifelong love of learning. Eligible students who have been diagnosed within the last three years by a licensed professional with a learning disability, processing deficit, or ADD/ADHD are provided a variety of services including, academic support, organizational support, study skills, standardized testing support, and/or time management, as well as classroom accommodations.


Level 1: $500 annually (charged over 10 months)

This is for students with accommodations who have an Oakbrook Prep Accommodation Plan (students with “recommended accommodations” are not required to pay this fee. 

Tutoring: (in addition to the Administrative Fee and offered during the school day)
Individualized tutoring, including Orton-Gillingham and content area tutoring, is
also available in Bridges. Academic coaching is offered
to assist students who struggle with organization, study skills and/or time
management. Academic Support Specialists guide students through the processes
of homework, projects, organization of materials, and time management, as well as
standardized testing support and classroom accommodations.

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

$2500 annually (charged over 10 months and includes accommodations plus tutoring)

$3500 annually 
(charged over 10 months and includes accommodations plus tutoring)

$4500 annually 
(charged over 10 months and includes accommodations plus tutoring)

One 45 min session/week

Two 45 min session/week

Three 45 sessions/week

*Added fees may be charged if additional services or tests are requested.

South Carolina provides scholarships and tuition tax credits to
help students with exceptional needs attend independent schools throughout the state.
Through this program, Oakbrook families can access funds to supplement the cost of the
Bridges program. Visit for more information.

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