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% College Acceptance


% College Acceptance
+ AP Classes


+ AP Classes
Athletic Teams


Athletic Teams
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+ Hours of Student Community Service

Your Questions Answered

Oakbrook Preparatory School is accredited by AdvancedEd, South Carolina Association of Independent Schools, and holds membership with the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling.

Our school uniform provider is Lands End and uniform options can be purchased online. Please visit Landsend.com and use Preferred School number: 9000-6985-7 Oakbrook Preparatory School.

For more information visit our uniform policies section.

Students in grades K3-4thgrade have the opportunity to learn and develop athletic skills through physical education classes. Beginning in grade 5-12, students can explore participation in one of our many sports offerings. Oakbrook is a competitive class 2A school and a member of the South Carolina Independent School Association.

Yes, students in K3-9th grade may stay until 6 p.m. for additional charge. They may stay every day or on a drop-in basis. For after school care costs, visit Tuition and Fees.

Lower School Students K-5th will have access to school iPads in the classrooms.

6th - Beginning in 2019-2020, we will begin to migrate away from iPads to parent-purchased Chromebooks as our device of choice. With our teachers using Chromebooks and the full keyboard, we believe that this change will bring more consistency, less distraction and more meaningful use of the device. Please see below for the minimum standards to be mindful of when purchasing a Chromebook. *They will continue with Chromebooks as they move up and you will not need to purchase an iPad.

7th -8th are grandfathered into the iPad program and are strongly encouraged to bring an ipad to class daily and some textbooks will be digital. We will be using this tool in class and developing activities and experiences that integrate the ipad camera, textbooks, and educational apps. We do understand that students develop at different rates and if you choose to have physical textbooks for your student, they will still receive a quality Oakbrook education but will be at a disadvantage during some class activities using ipads. Ipads will be the only devices allowed during instruction

Upper School Students 9th - 12th are strongly encouraged to bring a tablet or laptop daily. Recommended devices are iPads, Microsoft Surface (3rd generation or above), Android Tablet, netbooks or laptops. Kindles, Nooks, and phones are NOT recommended.

Our families use RenWeb, a Learning Management System, enabling them to view weekly lesson plans, assignments, grades, and test dates. It also allows our parents to change their information, access school directories, calendars, volunteer opportunities and receive electronic news from school staff.

Yes, for students in grades 3-12 we offer a prospective Shadow Day. Just call the Admissions Office to set up a time, or, fill out this form.

With an average SAT score of 1382 for the top 25% of the class and a top score of 1540 (1232 average for entire class) for the Class of 2020, Oakbrook Preparatory’s average scores are well above the local, state and national averages.

All Oakbrook graduates are accepted to a four-year college or university, so the answer is 100%. The 43 members of the Class of 2018 were accepted to 50 different colleges and universities and are attending 14 different schools in 8 states. In addition, most of the graduates received a merit-based scholarship, garnering $2.5 million in scholarship offers.

The types of colleges that our alumni attend are as varied as the alumni themselves. Graduates have been accepted and attend Ivy League schools such as Princeton as well as other top-ranked universities such as Georgetown, American, Duke, UPenn, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Ringling College of Art & Design. While many graduates attend the fine public institutions in our state, such as Clemson and USC, they also attend leading out-of-state schools like Westmont, Davidson, Moody Bible Institute, Belmont, University of Tennessee, Wheaton, and William and Mary to name a few.

Yes, with our Advanced Placement program that gives students the opportunity to take a nationally standardized test to receive college credit. Oakbrook Preparatory offers over 20 courses in which students may take the AP Exam, more than any school in the area. Thirty Three of the 42 members of the Class of 2019 passed 141 AP Exams over their years at Oakbrook, earning a total of 423 college credit hours. Seventy two percent of Oakbrook Preparatory students passed at least one exam in 2019, well above the global passing rate of 60%. This shows that a Oakbrook Preparatory education is an investment with a tangible return.

The Class of 2019 included

  • 5 SC Palmetto Fellow scholars
  • 30 SC Life scholars
  • 7 SC Hope Scholars .
  • 3 NCAA college athletes.
  • 5 Honors College students
  • 1 Morehead Cain Scholar
  • 1 National Merit Scholar
  • 7 AP Scholars
  • 1 AP Scholar with Honor
  • 4 AP Scholars with Distinction
  • 1 National AP Scholar
  • 1 USC Top Scholar

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