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School Profile

Grades Served: K3 through Grade 12

Enrollment: 450+

College Acceptance: 100% college acceptance rate

Facilities: Classroom buildings, playgrounds, athletic fields situated on 38 acres.

Faculty: 60+ (Administration, Teachers, & Staff)

Student/Teacher Ratio: From as little as 3/1 in an AP class to a possible, but atypical, 24/1 in an middle or upper school class.

  • Typical kindergarten class size - 12; typical lower, middle, or upper school class size - 16

Advanced Placement Offerings: Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, English Language, Spanish Language, German Language, Art Studio, Art History, Music Theory, U.S. Government & Politics, Psychology, U.S. History, World History, Human Geography, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Seminar, Research. *AP courses are offered on a rotating basis

Boys' Athletic Teams: Football, Cross Country, Swimming, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Speed and Strength, Golf (Additional information: Athletics)

Girls' Athletic Teams: Volleyball, Cheer, Swimming, Golf, Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer (Additional information: Athletics)

Clubs and Activities: Academic Team, Student Government, National Honor Society, Junior Beta Club, Model UN, The Update Broadcasting Staff, Equites Christi Yearbook Staff, Book Club, Glee Club, MATHCOUNTS, Math Team, First Lego Robotics League, Varsity Vex Robotics team, and more.

World Languages: Students begin studying world languages (Spanish and German) in kindergarten. At grade three, students select the language they will study for the remainder of their time at Oakbrook. (Additional information: World Languages)

Arts Opportunities: Students in grades K3-4 participate in creative arts – music, drama, and visual art. Beginning in middle school, students choose their arts electives from art, graphic art, band, chorus, computer science, drama, robotics, and dance. Convergence journalism, yearbook, and graphic art are also creative options for upper school students. (Additional information: The Arts at Oakbrook)

Dress Code: A traditional dress code provides a consistently attractive and neat appearance for all students, reduces peer pressure, and reinforces the precept of school as a place for learning.

Lower School Dress Code
Middle School Dress Code
Upper School Dress Code

Before & After School Care:

  • "Early Bird" - For students through grade eight, 7:30 am until class begins (free service)
  • "Knight Shift" - For students grades K3 through grade eight from dismissal until 6:00 pm (additional fee)
  • "Lunch Bunch" - For our preschool students from dismissal until 2:30 pm (additional fee)(Additional information: Before & After School Care)

Religious Affiliation: Oakbrook Preparatory School is an independent, inter-denominational Christian School, not affiliated with any church or denomination. Oakbrook provides Biblical teaching.

  • Lower School students have chapel once a week and daily devotions.
  • Middle School students have chapel once a week, daily devotions, and a religious studies class
  • Upper School students have a weekly chapel, daily devotions, and are required one unit of religious studies for graduation.

It is our belief that students will best achieve their goals through a relationship with Jesus Christ. The desirable outcome of knowing Christ and knowing how to study is a life in which an individual uses his God-given talents and abilities to serve others.

Like its predecessors in England, Oakbrook has five basic rules of conduct that are inspired by Scriptural teachings:

  • Respect those in authority. -Romans 13:1,2
  • Honor others above yourself. -Philippians 2:4
  • Practice self-control. -Galatians 5:22
  • Do all things in a proper and orderly manner. -1 Corinthians 14:40
  • Guard what comes out of your mouth. -Psalm 19:14

Lunch: Students can bring a bag lunch every day if they wish. However, we team up with local vendors to offer a bag lunch alternative. Students can order any or all days if they wish. Students may also bring a microwaveable lunch. Drinks are available every day of the week. We also offer "Emergency Lunches" for those occasional days when a lunch is forgotten.


Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
South Carolina Independent School Association

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