Get To Know: Pat Luker | Oakbrook Preparatory School
Get To Know: Pat Luker

Get To Know: Pat Luker

Jul 6, 2022

Name: Pat Luker

Position: Upper School Science & Computer Science

How long have you been at Oakbrook: 1 year

How do you like to spend your free time: Reading, walking, building things and making memories with my son.

What do you love most about teaching: I enjoy working with the kids and helping them see how what they're learning has value for them in their lives. I also enjoy being taught in kind by my students. Teaching is constant mental exercise!

What do you love most about working at Oakbrook: I am thankful that I can share how much God loves us with the students and fellowship with them and the staff here. Being able to openly pray where you work is such a tremendous blessing! I love that we can be flexible with methods of learning with our students. It makes this awesome, exhausting, amazing job of being a teacher mean so much more than any other job I've had!