Get To Know: Joshua Clowney | Oakbrook Preparatory School
Get To Know: Joshua Clowney

Get To Know: Joshua Clowney

Jun 30, 2022

Name: Joshua Clowney

Position: Director of Athletics / Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach / Strength & Conditioning Coordinator / Teacher

How long have you been at Oakbrook: I've been at Oakbrook since 2018.

How do you like to spend your free time: I enjoy working out/playing basketball, reading/writing, spending time with my families, and watching movies.

What do you love most about teaching: I most enjoyed getting my students and athletes to grasp concepts and fundamentals that help instill confidence in helping them achieve the best version of themselves.

What do you love most about working at Oakbrook: I love the atmosphere that all of us work to create. We all have a commitment to our students and care deeply about not just their academic, artistic, or athletic growth but also their spiritual growth.