Leadership | Oakbrook Preparatory School

Kyle Boyles, Head of School

Vickie Bolduc, Dean of Lower School

Travis Casey, Dean of Students

Amberly Delaoch, Business Director

Ashley Hairr, Counselor

Amanda Ledbetter, Dean of External Affairs

Beverly Long, Registrar/IT

Alexis Mannion, Communications Director

Chris Raymond, Security Director

Scott Watson, Facilities Director

Alicia Womick, Dean of Academics

Cathy Zion, College Guidance Director


Nicholas Gicking

Middle School Math and Social Studies

Terri Allsbrook

First Grade

Emilia Autenzio

Upper School English Academic Team Coach

Erin Biggar

Lower, Middle and Upper School Art

Andrew Bridges

Upper School Math

Sarah Brown

Lower School Music Middle School Chorus

Varonica Colvard

Second Grade

Bree Cooke

4th Grade Teacher

Tammy Cooley

Lower School Office Manager

Kelly Cox

First Grade

Bob Detwyler

Athletic Trainer (Steadman-Hawkins)

Margaret Hall

Middle School English

Petra Harrelson

Beth Ann Hartford

Preschool and Lower School Librarian

Laurie Holland

Upper and Middle School Math, Upper School Math Coach

Susan Hollingsworth

Second Grade

Jenny Howard

Middle & Upper School Dance Muse Machine

Alisha Johnson

Middle School Math

Susan Johnston

5 year-old Kindergarten

Jordan Shurburtt

K3 Teacher

Rebecca Keim

Preschool Lunch Bunch Knight Shift

Renee Kimbrell

Front Desk Receptionist

Loranna Kitchen

Middle and Upper School Science

TIna Kurkis

K4 Teacher

Beth Ledbetter

K3 Teacher

Pat Luker

Computer Science Upper School Science

Paul Martin

Upper School English National Honor Society Sponsor

Michelle McCredie

Lower School Assistant

Resi McKenzie

Fourth Grade

Julie McNeely

Lower School Chapel Coordinator

David McPhillips

Middle School Bible Middle School Science

Teresa Murray

Lower School Art

Elizabeth Myers

Lower, Middle, and Upper School Physical Education Cross Country Coach

Lindacarol Nail

School Nurse

Michelle Owens

5-year-old Kindergarten

Leslee Page

4-Year-Old Kindergarten

Michelle Pierce

Middle and Upper School Graphic Design Upper School Computer Science Yearbook

Bethany Revis

Fourth Grade

Heather Rivers

Fifth Grade

Dawn Rollins

Middle School Science

John Root

Fifth Grade Middle School Girls Soccer Coach

Savannah Root

Third Grade

Nancy Seay

Laurie Settlemyre

Lunch Coordinator Early Bird Knight Shift

Gabi Seyffer

Lower School German

Tammy Smiley

5-year-old Kindergarten

Denise Whiteside

Middle School Math Middle School Math/MATHCOUNTS Team Coach

Alicia Womick

Dean of Academics Upper School Math

Robin Woodfin

Upper School Spanish

Cathy Zion

Director of College Guidance