Oakbrook Preparatory School

Oakbrook students named as finalists in national essay competition

The Atlantic Institute names three Oakbrook students as finalists in annual essay competition to promote dialogue among people of different cultures and beliefs.

Three Oakbrook eighth graders have been named state finalists in the Atlantic Institute Art & Essay Contest. 

Avery Acker, Emilie Quinn Owens, and Amelia Pettigrew will be recognized at an awards ceremony in Columbia on Feb. 20. Prizes range from $25 to a trip to Turkey. Oakbrook student Claire Funk received second place last year and traveled to Turkey during the summer. Claire will be among those at the ceremony who will share their experiences. 

Atlantic Institute is a non-profit organization founded to promote dialogue among people of different cultures and beliefs. The Institute desires to offer solutions to the challenges that our world faces. It engages in educational activities regarding social and cultural issues in order to pursue a peaceful world where respect and understanding prevail. The organization believes that the students of today are our future for tomorrow and wants to see their minds engaged in learning about our global challenges. The yearly essay competition, which is based on a humanitarian theme, is one way the Institute raises such awareness among middle and high school students.

This year's theme is: "Ten Days, Weeks, Months, Years. What Can YOU Accomplish?"  Ten students are selected as finalists from each member state. This is the second year that Oakbrook has participated this contest.


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