Oakbrook Preparatory School

Oakbrook Prep Kindergarten Preview Day

Come experience Oakbrook's Charlotte Mason approach to learning during our Kindergarten Preview Day

What: Kindergarten Preview Day - We invite you to learn more about Oakbrook's Charlotte Mason approach to learning during our Preview Day. You'll see how we incorporate living books, narration, and education supported by good habits into a lesson on the Rainforest and will have the chance to meet our staff and tour our school. We hope you will join us!

When: Friday, February 26th 9-11 a.m.

Who: Prospective Oakbrook families with children in grades K3-1st grade

Questions? Contact Amanda Ledbetter at 864-587-2060 ext. 128 or amanda.ledbetter@oakbrookprep.org



How do you picture education? 

Oakbrook embraces British educator Charlotte Mason's philosophy that, "education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."

Miss Mason was a pioneer in the field of scripture-based education. She saw God, the Holy Spirit, as the supreme educator of all mankind and believed there is no separation between the intellectual and spiritual life of children. Her academic emphases were to put children in touch with nature and the classics in literature, art and music. Mason saw the elementary years as a time for sampling and experimenting and believed in giving children opportunities to make their own connections with knowledge and experiences. 

At Oakbrook, we also see children as "thinking, feeling human beings, with spirits to be kindled and not vessels to be filled," as Mason believed and we are dedicated to providing a loving, accepting, and encouraging atmosphere for students where we focus on the formation of good habits that Mason also saw as a vital part of a child's lifelong education.

"The Charlotte Mason approach to learning is all about developing habits of mind that will help children succeed," said Head of School Adair Hinds. 

"When we grow food, we start by planting a seed. If it is to grow into a healthy plant that bears fruit, we must nurture it. For the plant to be healthy, it needs soil, nutrients, and sunlight. This is the Charlotte Mason approach. We take time to help children develop the habits of successful learners. These habits bear so much more fruit later in school and in life than any quick fix curriculum that promises to raise a child's standardized test scores by first grade. At Oakbrook, our parents get this. They see the difference a Charlotte Mason education makes in the lives of their children. With kindergarten, we are most concerned with helping children experience the love of Jesus Christ so they in turn love others. And while our teachers love our students, they still manage to help our children perform in the top 10% in the country in math and reading."


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